There are millions of pores smaller than water molecules, preventing the penetration of viruses, bacteria, dust, and other harmful contaminants.

Excellent Breathability

excellent breathability makes breathing easier, while removing foreign matter.

Superb Filtration Efficiency

High & stable filtering performance to block any harmful substances.

Nanofiber mask provides consistent high efficiency filtering performance regardless of the external environment.

Regular Mask

Nanofiber Mask

Sanitary pad


Prevents stuffiness on sensitive skin and reduces skin problems.


Because nanofiber sanitary pad is thinner than conventional one, feels comfortable, and it is also compact and non bulky when carrying around.

Face mask


Due to the thinness of the material, improves adhesion to the skin.

Water retention

The thinner the fiber, the more pore can be made, and it is possible to absorb and maintain a lot of liquids in the pore..


By keeping the beauty serum on the facial mask, beauty ingredients permeate the skin quickly.