The nanofiber materials manufactured by LIME Co.,Ltd. are combined with the technologies of industry-leading global companies, and we are able to put high added value products on the market.

Battery separator

Nanofiber membrane separator is between the positive and negative electrodes of rechargeable lithium batteries used in mobile phones, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other applications.

  • Nanofiber membrane separator uses polymers with high heat resistant properties that prevents thermal deformation up to 180℃ and maintaines stability even at high temperatures.
  • Nanofiber membrane separator is comprised of 150-250 nm fibers which creates layers of nanofiber web with small and uniform distribution of pores.

Conventional Products: Polyolefin type separator

Heat resistant nanofiber separator

  • The uniform pore size distribution makes the battery highly efficient, allows excellent charging characteristics, and prolongs the discharge process.
  • Electrochemical and chemical stability is possible.


Protect optical, audio and medical instruments by filtering out harmful external contaminants such as oil, gas, moisture and dust that negatively affect electrical components.

Car Vent

Functional ventilation parts equipped with automotive lamp housings (headlights, fog lights, rear reflectors)

  • Prevents moisture and controls the pressure caused by the temperature difference inside the lamp.
  • Prevents external impurities (dust, oil, rain, etc.) and environmental contaminants from entering inside the lamp.
  • Allows high breathability to prevent thermal deformation, performance degradation, and life-span reduction due to internal heat.

Communication/Audio equipment vent

Ventilation products for mobile phones (speakers, audio equipment, etc.) and other communications/electronic components that protect against dust and allow for everyday waterproofing

  • Protects electronic components from humidity, moisture and contaminants.
  • The persistent and consistent waterproofing function increase the reliability of the product. (IP67 or higher)
  • Maintains high quality and minimizes loss of sound.

Cooling Filter Media


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Possible to apply various designs


  • Outdoor speakers / Billboards
  • Large telecommunication equipment