Nanofiber is an ultrafine fiber with a diameter of less than 100 nm and about one-500th the diameter of the human hair. It can be generated from a variety of polymers, and has the characteristics of high specific surface area, porosity, high electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength, and applied research has progressed in various fields.


Nanofiber membrane is composed of stacked web of nanofibers. Nanofiber membranes are stacked ultrafine fibers, and have a large number of fine pores, have a high surface area and porosity. It is breathable and waterproof materials that prevent foreign substances such as water and dust, while having high permeability. Such nanofiber membrane is produced through proprietary electrospinning process using various polymers.
It can also be spun directly to base materials such as textiles and nonwoven fabrics, and nanofibers can be coated on the surface. These properties are effective for high-performance filters, breathable and waterproof textiles, electronic equipment, sanitary materials and a variety of other applications.